2 Poems, 1 Song

‘Complacency Kills,’ by Loren W Ebeling
I need to write a happy song
Something to break through this
Grey fog of emotion
This putrid state of
This perpetual cycle of internal mental apathy
After all
Complacency kills.
Apathy, complacency, and monotony are among the deadliest of poisons

‘Complacency,’ Mo Frederickson
The curse of complacency
Is all in my mouth,
I’m choking
On its bittersweet taste.
I want to cut the ties
To the sandbags holding me down.
I want to float away
Across the seas,
Drink up countries
To quench my wanderlust.
I want to discover the mysteries
Each continent has to hold.
To relish
In uncertainty,
But complacency
Is just so comforting.

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