The Heart Of A Child

Naomi overheard my mom say something on the phone about Charlotte’s annual MS Walk. Naomi later asked her, “What is MS?”
om explained MS “is a disease that can sometimes stop people from walking. That’s why Brian uses a wheelchair. He has MS.”
“Why are you asking people for money?” Naomi had also overheard Mom asking someone for a contribution.
“Because doctors need money to find a cureĀ  – and to help people with MS,” Mom told her, keeping her answer simple enough for Naomi (six years old) to understand.
Naomi said she wanted to give one of her toys. Mom thanked her, but explained that doctors don’t accept toys. Only money. Naomi said she’ll “give a dollar from my allowance.” Mom thanked her.

Trickster Arrives – or – Takes One To Know One

Naomi, five years old, entered the kitchen. Her mom was in a different room – out of sight and listening range.

Naomi – “Can I have a cookie, please?”

Babysitter – “I don’t know. Go ask your mom.”

Naomi – (Quickly scans kitchen) “She’s not here. (Slight pause) So you’re in charge.”

Babysitter – “Nice try.”