Twisted Hostels

If you are travelling on a tight budget and looking for inexpensive food and lodging, with an opportunity to meet travelers from all over the world, I recommend hosteling. Here are some of the hostels I have been to:
Luxembourg City Hostel – Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
(no video audio)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I can’t remember the name of the hostel where my friends and I stayed, so here’s an Amsterdam sampler:

The Bauhaus – Bruges, Belgium

The Melbourne – Denver, CO

The SnowMansion – Taos, NM

HI Anchorage – Anchorage, AK

Sacramento Hostel – Sacramento, CA

Routes – Yukon Territory

Yukon Territory, Canada
September, 2003
Through Canada’s northernmost border entry, we drove Top Of The World Highway about 50 miles into Yukon Territory, set up tent, and talked of the day’s events. I remember we leaned on the car’s hood drinking whiskey straight from the bottle – and watched the aurora borealis swirl the sky.   
The next morning:
Top Of The World Highway took us to Dawson, where the only way into town is by crossing the Yukon River via the George Black Ferry. Brad drove us aboard and, within half an hour, we were in a warm diner eating breakfast and drinking coffee. From there it was back to the ferry, across the river, then south on the AlCan/Klondike Hwy.

Routes – Wyoming

September, 2001 
I-25 North to downtown Cheyenne, where I stopped for lunch. From there it was back to the interstate and US-18 into South Dakota.
September, 2003
Brad and I entered northwest Wyoming on US-89, then followed Grand Loop Road through Yellowstone – the world’s first national park. We saw a bear walking in the wilderness, elk grazing near the Visitors Center, Yellowstone River, a waterfall, and numerous geysers (including Old Faithful).
We left Yellowstone on US-191 toward Grand Teton National Park, then US-14. We travelled the Tetons at night during a heavy rainstorm, so our only sightseeing at this point was of headlights and windshield wipers.

Routes – Wisconsin

Spring, 2002
Leslie and I ate lunch near the banks of the Mississippi River then crossed into Wisconsin on I-94. Highlights:
* US-21 showed us small towns and dairy farms.
* We drove through Appleton, where Houdini lived as a young boy from 1878-1882.
* We came to a historical site marking a small cabin where Laura Ingalls and her family briefly lived (while her dad Charles was between jobs).