Routes – Alabama

For whatever reason, and any reason is reason enough, I feel like recounting a few highway stories. Of course, some will seem more interesting than others, while some may not seem interesting at all. Regardless, here are a few life experiences.
Where should I begin? Alphabetically.
(Late Summer) 1997 
Tim and I were helping his sister, Laura, move to Arizona State University. En route from Charlotte to Tempe, we drove a huge, tightly packed U-Haul (towing a Honda Civic) across central Alabama’s Interstate 20. Traveling east to west, between Georgia and Mississippi, the sky was cloudy, grey, and looked like rain, though none fell. Not that it would’ve mattered. I remember seeing road signs pointing toward Natchez Trace Parkway.
Laura drove her Volkswagon ahead of the U-Haul, forming a caravan of two across Alabama at dusk. Not the most exciting or memorable time, but that’s how I remember Alabama.