Routes – Washington

Summer, 1998
We drove I-82 to I-90, then WA-281 to the Gorge in George, Washington for another HORDE concert. The amphitheater is situated by the Columbia River 150 miles east of Seattle – near the middle of nowhere. Highlights:
* “Tail gate” partying  * Dancing  * Molly, Julia, and I had trouble finding our car after the concert  * Slept outdoors, under the stars, beside the river
Back on the highway the next day, we took WA-281 to I-90, to I-82, and US-97 toward Portland to see our final HORDE concert.
Two days later:
Back on I-5 North driving toward Seattle, we stopped in Olympia for a break and some time at a local park; a nice change of pace for each of us, I’m sure.
Interstate 5 to Seattle, where highlights include:
* seeing Kelly  * watching Whiskeytown perform at ‘Bumbershoot’, Seattle’s largest arts and music festival
The next day:
Julia informed me that she and Molly had decided to stay in Seattle a few more days. I reminded her of our agreement, how they had promised to have me back in Denver in time for work, but she wouldn’t compromise. The outcome? Kelly’s roommate (Nancy) took me to the Seattle bus station to catch a Greyhound. 
September, 2003
Interstate 5 to downtown Seattle. With my aunt Cathy in a business meeting, my uncle Tim and I spent the day exploring. We: 
* visited Pike Place Market  * took my car onto a ferry boat to cross Puget Sound  * travelled US-101 along the rim of Olympic National Park  * used my propane stove to boil Raman Noodles for lunch  * stepped into the rain forest to see some amazingly old, large trees  * travelled US-12, WA-8, WA-510, Mountain Hwy., WA-706, and Paradise Road through Mount Rainier National Park  * spent time at a small lake, where my uncle hiked a path and snapped photos while I waited near the water.
I drove him back to Seattle then headed toward Denver on I-90. 

Routes – Virginia

Fall, 1991
My only recollection of Virginia is of travelling I-85 and I-95 with Alice and Tim on our drive to Mount Kisco, NY. 

Routes – Utah

Fall, 1997
Zion Mount Road weaved through Zion National Park beautifully in a mix of light rain and snow. A cool and cloudy day, I remember seeing a few eagles. Well, …. I’m guessing they were eagles.
Summer, 1998
We saw our first HORDE festival concert in Salt Lake City, stayed the night at Molly’s house, then left the next morning on I-80 West toward San Francisco for the next show. 
 About two weeks later:
I traveled I-24 E and I-15 S to Salt Lake City’s downtown bus station for a connecting ride to Denver. I don’t remember how much time I had between Greyhounds, but there was enough for a short walk to Temple Square with my camera. 
Fall, 1998
Returning to Denver from Page, I drove US-89 to the small town of Kanab for another night in a different motel. I headed north to Bryce Canyon National Park the following morning to see ancient earth formations created by millions of years of rain, wind, and extreme temperatures. Note: There are plenty of scenic areas along the way, so be sure to stop the car and snap some pictures.
I rejoined US-89 from Bryce Canyon, drove north to I-70, then 225 miles east to Colorado.
October, 2005
The sun was setting on eastern Utah as I traveled I-70 West toward Arches National Park. I remember stopping at a Rest Area to look at a map, thinking I may had missed my Exit. Someone noticed when I nearly fell in the parking lot, rushed to ask if I needed help, and was kind enough to check the map for me; his timing was perfect, and I was right on track. Exit 181, US-191 to Moab. 
Highlights include being in Arches National Park at daybreak for sunrise pictures of oddly shaped sandstone formations – from my driver side window. From there it was back to Denver on I-70 East.
This turned out to be my last solo road trip.

Routes – Texas

Fall, 1997
Crossing  south Texas on I-20 from Tyler to El Paso seemed to take forever. 750 miles and 11 hours later, highlights include seeing the Dallas-Ft. Worth skyline and a Border Patrol checkpoint. No, traveling this portion of the second largest state in The Union wasn’t very exciting.
Days later: We stayed a night in Amarillo while crossing north Texas on I-40. I remember having ‘Amarillo By Morning’ (my favorite rodeo song) stuck in my head for a very long time.