Naomi’s Adventures In Waxhaw


Three days of collages, bicycle rides, writing with sidewalk chalk, studied antonyms and synonyms, made popsicles, music with keyboard, played basketball, soccer, baseball, Silly String, bought two Gold Fishes, wrote a poem, watched I Love Lucy …. and acted goofy.
silly stringg

The Little Things

* February, short sleeves, windows open, birds singing. Was Punxsutawney Phil wrong?
* Someone in my neighborhood is listening to Albert King’s ‘Born Under A Bad Sign’ at a very high volume. Cool.
* Thanks to friends Ken and Juli in Golden, Colorado for the two vacuum-sealed bags of Boyer’s Coffee – Hazelnut and Rocky Mountain Thunder. Founded in Denver, Boyer’s evokes memories of the west in every cup.
* Carolina remains undefeated against Clemson in Chapel Hill. 56-0.
* It’s comforting to know that, regardless of which city or state you may be in, Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion can be heard on most public radio stations Saturday evenings and Sundays at noon.
* Mark your calendar – Major League Baseball’s 2012 Regular Season begins March 28.
* Mark your calendar – Kim Richey plays at The Altimount Theatre in Asheville on April 12.

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