Confused And Amazed

Today’s blog entry comes from Marianne:
Naomi is fascinated by science. She was watching a National Geographic program showing computer animation of what a baby lion looks like inside the momma’s belly, with sonogram images highlighting various gestation periods. Pretty interesting stuff, especially through the eyes of my six year old daughter. 
I told Naomi, “You know what?  When you were inside my belly the doctor took a handheld thing and ran it over my belly. Then it showed pictures of you on a TV screen that looked like that. It’s called a sonogram.”.
She looked at me with confusion and amazement then raised her brow and said, “What?! Did I have clothes on?”
I answered, “Uh…no, you didn’t have any clothes on.”
Naomi said, “Well…I wish you could have swallowed some clothes so I wouldn’t be naked.”

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