Sgt. Pepper Meets Willy Wonka

Acrylic. I didn’t sign or date this one, but I’m pretty sure it’s from 2007. Seems like this was painted soon after ‘Painting Inward’. Red, white, brown, purple, and orange flower petals with a baby blue backdrop. I  specifically remember adding a lot of white to get the backdrop I wanted. And I finished a tube of green along the way.

We are the music-makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams
-Arthur Shaughnessy

Painting Inward

Acrylic. My first mandala, and here’s how: I’d reach into an old shoebox full of paints, randomly take a tube (without knowing which color I was getting), and paint a small triangle on a canvas corner. Then I’d place the paint tube into a separate shoebox and clean the brush with water. I’d dry the brush and remove any remaining paint by wiping the brush across whatever old pair of shorts or sweats I was wearing at the time. Acrylics don’t come out in the wash; I wear the proof. Then I’d turn the canvas clockwise to the next corner and repeat, painting my way slowly but surely toward the center; hence the title, ‘Painting Inward.’ The circle comes from painting along the base of a globe. Without knowing which color would be next, I didn’t know for sure what the painting would look like until it was finished. Sometimes it’s nice to let the unconscious drive.
I’m not sure when I started this painting, but according to its backside wooden frame (where it’s signed and dated), the final brush stroke was on April 15, 2007.

……. and on it goes …….

I’ve been writing down my dreams, analyzing the scenes
Making sense of the symbols, images, and I tremble
I’m learning what they mean

The rabbit hole has gotten deep, I get directions in my sleep
The energies from my pillow, in my head is where I go
My favorite place to be

The highway goes on and on and on and on it goes
Looking for the right combination, transformation
Turning lead into gold

The highway goes on and on and on and on it goes