A poem ……… by kfgdixon

i am a we

and every they is an i

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Rx – Dosage May Vary

Deposit that jar of pennies you keep by the bedroom closet. Check your savings account balance and start shopping grocery store specials. Money will be scarce, but enough. Extra money doesn’t exist. But don’t worry. You’re responsible for no one but yourself. Move to a small, agri-business community of farmers and ranchers, where a large portion of your time will be spent on the front porch watching clouds change shape. Notice the wind. Watch large trucks haul loads of grain from the fields. Spend seven months there with zero television, zero internet service, and next to nothing on the radio. This could be just what you need. It could turn out to be the good doctor’s prescription; the solution for whatever ails you.

Trickster Arrives – or – Takes One To Know One

Naomi, five years old, entered the kitchen. Her mom was in a different room – out of sight and listening range.

Naomi – “Can I have a cookie, please?”

Babysitter – “I don’t know. Go ask your mom.”

Naomi – (Quickly scans kitchen) “She’s not here. (Slight pause) So you’re in charge.”

Babysitter – “Nice try.”