The Little Things

* David “King of Late Night” Letterman with Howard “King of All Media” Stern together on Late Night. It doesn’t get any better.
* I heard an Asheville tv weatherman say to expect a cold weekend with a high temperature of only 38 degrees. Hours later, a friend from New Hampshire calls, says temps there are warming to the upper 30s. Location, location, location.
* Two Mormons knocked on my door today. I invited them inside, where they shared their beliefs with me – and I shared a few of mine with them. We disagreed on most points, but that’s okay. Thirty minutes later, they knocked on my neighbor’s door while I sat with hot tea.
* Let’s go to the mailbag:
I just received an e-mail from someone asking me to write about my last days as a radio dj.
My answer is ……. maybe.
* Music fans everywhere are remembering Whitney Houston (8/9/63-2/11/12).
I was working at WCKZ when her version of I Will Always Love You spent a whopping 14 weeks at #1.

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