The Music

 Leaving L.A. (Brian Drake, Tim Long)
City of angels, dirty wings no longer fly
Clipped at the base, sharpened daggers, twisted crimes
I’ve had my share, should anyone care to remember me
Santa Monica Boulevard, a one way street
Swallowed by buildings, two ton shadows covered in bile
Enough is enough, nothing’s real at Hollywood and Vine
Goodbye my friend, I’ll never see you again
Except from the inside of my dreams now and then
L.A.’s highways, I gave my all to the toll booth hand
Bitter sweet demise, times rough near the end
Number 101 lead me anywhere, take me somewhere fast
Out of this town, into forests and Redwood

Mr. Moss   (Drake, Long)
He’s a deep south man from marshy land, dirty swamp water caked high in mud
Crocodile skin marks where he’s been, Cajun bayou deep in his blood
Many times before from a wood shack old floor, I heard tales of Mr Moss
Living in a swampland away from the Gulf sand perched high with pelicans and felons

Me and Mr. Moss
People called him strange a lunatic deranged, I wanted to see for myself
I grabbed my gear, a bag and some beer, took something high from a shelf
Two hours later my canoe near a gator I saw snakes swimming along side
Cypress trees bent a warm breeze, I craved a bowl of gumbo
Me and Mr. Moss
Deep did I travel green water not gravel to unravel the mystery of Moss
Anything could happen my fingers were snappin I could’ve paid the cost
Atop the swamp, slimy reptiles beady eyes deceptive smiles
Thorny thickets, a makeshift shack, I stayed on track
Me and Mr. Moss
Someone on a front porch kindly stepped forth to greet me at the shore
A rolling stone I found my home the look in his eyes I couldn’t ignore
It was Mr Moss, maker of hot sauce, and he said he kept the bayou too
I looked in his eyes and I realized his stare was the same as mine
Me and Mr. Moss

Together We Wait (Drake, Long)
Sitting still and quiet, I wait for the bus to arrive
Clouds wait for high wind, everything passing me by

11:58.03 (Drake, Long, Frances Padilla)

Where Were You  (Brian Drake, Warren Tracy)

Isolation Man (Drake, Tracy)