This Quivering Speck and I

This Quivering Speck and I
A gnat, this drunken helicopter hovering with
spasmodic tremors a foot from my face,
This quivering speck and I,
the two of us curious of each other.
I sent the slightest breeze from my lungs, a blow catching it like an unexpected strong gust of wind, a surprise,
Imagine the shock on its face, the look in its eyes.
Yet, this tiniest speck remained adrift nearby, the two of us holding attention, sharing space, seemingly face to face
But thirty seconds, or so, was enough for this
Small, delicate dot fluttering a foot from my face,
swirling like a tornado, a corkscrew twisting wider, up, then away;
With a lifespan of a mere four days, there were other things to do.
Thirty seconds is valuable time …  especially to a gnat.

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